ln-line mixing presents a number of advantages over the “classic” system of mixing by agitation, although they do not necessarily replace it but complement it, depending on the process to be performed.

Any mixing process which requires very long agitation times or very high power ratings, involves considerable difficulty in mixing or demands a high-quality end product, will entail the use of an in-line mixer.


  • No lumps are formed.
  • Mínimum entry of air.
  • Lower power rating than with a conventio­ nal agitator.
  • Flexibility in batch volu­ me: production from mínimum level.
  • One single mixer for production in several tanks.
  • Loading of components from floor level.
  • No solids adhering to walls of tanks.
  • Great versatility: diffe­ rent processes and products with the same machine.
  • Total dissolution of hygroscopic solids.
  • Dispersions of low granulometry.
  • Emulsions of small drop size.
  • lncorporation of up to 80% of solid s.
  • Obtainment of products up to high viscosities.
  • Sanitary. Drainable.

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