In order to fulfill your needs, we offer the new free visual technical support service.




Given the condition of not being able to make displacements to your factory due to the current health restrictions, we start the new free tele-support service until April 30th 2020, extendable according to new circumstances

Remote diagnostics with Visual support

The service consists in doing a video connection, through a mobile phone or tablet camera, remotely, to be able to visualize the scope of the incident, and our technicians will give you indications to solve them, via telephone, without the need of displacement to your factory and being totally assisted.

This option is also available for start-ups, technical queries and maintenance.

We are a certified supply chain company of essential companies and we continue to work for the good of all!


Contact +34 93 699 00 00, or to continue receiving free technical assistance during Covid-19.


Ana Revenaque
After Sales Manager
+34 699 41 05 27