The unstoppable modernization and automation of farming systems make the use of liquid fertilizers the most profitable of the fertilization solutions. The agricultural demand for new technologies in irrigation systems and greater efficiency of nutritional components makes it necessary to have liquid fertilizers that can meet these needs.

In Vak Kimsa We have the range of inline mixers ALVAK y LIVAK, with which you can manufacture liquid fertilizers quickly, effectively and efficiently. The dispersions and solutions of stabilizing agents such as clays, bentonites, xanthans… and micronutrients are carried out simultaneously with the manufacturing process without the need to pre-dissolve in other equipment. The dispersion and dissolution of the main solids, such as lignosulphonates, nitrates, sulphates,… is carried out rapidly.

With the agitator suitable and incorporating inline mixer external to the tank in recirculation, increase production by reducing manufacturing times. As an example, we have a 9 Tm tank of fertilizers containing more than 60% solids (Lignosulfonates and Nitrates) ready in 2-3 hours, compared to the 5-6 hours it took with conventional technology.

The solid powder can be fed into the tank (LIVAK), directly into the mix head (ALVAK) or a combination of both options, depending on the characteristics of the solid to be dispersed. Also using a agitator VK for maintenance and homogenization in the manufacturing tank, a completely homogeneous final product will be obtained as a result.

Many fertilizer manufacturers already have this manufacturing system, If you want to try it, we invite you to come to our pilot plant or ask us for a virtual visit!